First wee post for the new decade 2010

The New decade is here.
Hellooooo to you all, it's nice to be back.
I hope you have all had a spiffing festive season.

Opened the studio doors, turned on the "puter", paid the bills, read the snail mail and emails, sharpened some scribble friends and got back into steady action.

At this end, the year ended with cheap fireworks (some chaps thought they had the real deal and well.... at least they got more laughs than expected) and great studio news.

Drawing a Blank and Legacy will be published in what has to be the best book of contemporary equine art: Ex Arte Equinus III.

Drawing a Blank came 7th in the Drawing category

"Drawing a Blank"
Mixed Media, 35x27 cm
Sheona Hamilton-Grant. All rights reserved

and Legacy was juried to form the Equinus Show.

Pencil on Paper, 34x37 cm
Sheona Hamilton-Grant. All rights reserved

Most excellent news which was quite simply the sherry on the cake, rounding of a great year in style.

Have a lot to live up to this year.

Off to get a few more pencils ready for action!


Pencil Sanity said…
Wonderful news for you. Hope that 2010 will be great for you.
Welcome back :-)

I have a Black & White picture on my todays post !!!

Wizz :-)
Gary Keimig said…
Great way to end the old year. Love both pieces. Drawing a Blank is certainly filled with thought. Good Job.
Draw On.
Arti said…
Have a happy 2010!Great drawings, as always:)
Hello all and thank you! First week of the New Year over and new plans still need to be finalised.
Gary: "Draw on" is certainly part of them.
Wizz: wee Chip looks a treat. B&W suits him :)
Pencil Sanity: wishing you also a great creative 2010
Dors said…
Hi Sheona. Hope 2010 is a great year for you.

Lets keep the creativity going and have fun.

Hope you have your Shiraz I have my Chardy and cheers to a good year.

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