"Drawing a Blank" new equine graphite study.

"Drawing a Blank"

Mixed media (graphite-charcoal)35x27 cm

295 Euros ($365)C

Sheona Hamilton-Grant. 2009.Copyright

Here is how a young equine playfully reacts to the boredom of winter.

Here is how a graphite artist reacted to the feelings and memories this simple gesture awoke.
Here is "Drawing a Blank".


hbedrosian said…
Fantastic title and wonderful execution!
Laure Ferlita said…
Love the play on words that partner with this great piece of work! You've been busy!
Lene said…
wonderful - I can almost feel how soft and velvety that horsenose is :)
A delight...can feel those whiskers on the palm of my hand :)
Jeanette said…
Beautiful! I love that soft nose. Composition is wonderful. Having had horses, I can identify.
Wow what a brilliant response. Thank you so much!
I miss their noses so much there is something so special and memorably soft about them.
April Jarocka said…
Hi Sheona. Love the light in this one - as indeed I do in all your pieces! Great work!

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