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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, new drawing on the go.

Many reasons drew me to start this new piece, the "new in-between commission" piece (reference photo courtesy of the talented dog photographer Erin Vey): magical textures, contrasting shapes, radiating lines, strong composition, new breed territory (never drawn a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) and of course big round irresistible puppy eyes.So far so good, yet have had to put the pencils down for a while as a new commission (sadly non-shareable) is now on the go.

Below: steps one and two down the road. Many many more to come. Technical detail: up to this point, all has been rendered using a 2B clutch.

p.s: these are the puppy eyes referred to in last week's post...never did get to pop the last "Happy Birthday balloon", it blew away from the balcony to a chorus of shrieks and woops of delight !

Rich chocolate cake and sticky Cellotape

Emily Pencil on Paper Sold Sheona Hamilton-Grant. All rights reserved.
Chocolate stains, happy grins and sticky tape have featured heavily, as I emerge apron strings loosened and scissors lost, from our "birthday week".Every year, from the 5th of March through to the 10th, 6 important family birthdays are celebrated in style, wrapped in loud laughs and decorated with acrobatic happy dances.
As all you fellow Mummies can well imagine, work in the studio has been festively slowed down.
No worries tough, here is a portrait I "prepared" earlier and want to share. Meet Emily. A gorgeous 6 year old Poodle Pointer with piercing kind eyes. A gem of a dog, well mannered and high on life, Emily sat and stared me out while I triggered a few reference shots and discovered the depth of her eyes and softness of her nose.
Next week, when I reconnect with my scribble friends and the last of the colourful tacky balloons has popped, focus will once again be on rendering big canine eyes, b…