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Nearly caught up with time

Ok, so I've still not quite got the skills to get ahead of time but I'm not too far off.
Here are the two last (yipee!) Xmas commissions. All done before the dead line which is a great relief because it allows for quality corrections and "tweeking" as we like to call it.
One is a black cat: Dani, and the other a little white dog: Honey. Both drawings are pure graphite no charrcoal was used. Seem to be going through a charcoal-less phase...! They were difficult to do as the ref photos were not good and low on detail. Done it! Learned a few things and I'm pretty happy with the result.
Blogging off now for a few days; mabe week.
Speaky soon and a very Merry Xmas to you all!

Will get ahead of time

The year is drawing to close, the festive season is in full swing and time is just not giving us commission artists any slack...!
Nearly finished the last of my commissions (actually getting ready to a little night shift...).
I am strangely enough quite enjoying doing them as they are totally different to what I normally do: a little white fluffy doganda cat who's as black as the ace of spades. As so very often, the reference photos are not much help and certainly not detail rich...Funny how one really learns the hard way not to relly on the photograph but to use ones own knoweldge of the subject matter.
Will wrap this little entry up by saying....will be posting finished work before the 20th...oh yes... Will get ahead of time... One can only try!

Xmas closing in

I hate it, working to deadlines...stress, just pure stress...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Time just runs away even faster...
The great news is: that I have 2 more orders done and accepted! Brilliant news. They were quite OK to work on and always a beloved theme...a horse in action over a fence. Beautifull athletic horses who absolutely adore their work. Sucha joy to portray. I focused on detail as always and used only graphite no charcoal. This took me a little more time but I felt in control throughout the entire protraits.
Well back to the drawing board, have a littel white dog to draw and a very black cat. Speaky soon.