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Chocolate in the garden

Easter has (nearly) been and gone.A welcome Easter Bunny hopped all over the garden last night disposing of a serious quantity of his wax chocolate figures and turning a gardeners' not so perfect dream into a chocaholic's paradise.

The weather has been UNBELIEVABLE (sunshine and summer temperatures) and the chocolate smiles UNMISSABLE. The studio has been left to its own devices and will be bathed in silence until further notice (all blame is being shouldered by the sun!)

Happy (not-quite-over) Easter to you all!

Inspiration Balm.

Spring in Bonn is "bloomin'" cool!
Many of you may remember, my studio suffered from a few "post move trauma" months at the end of last summer. (We moved lock, stock and barrel from Chimay-Belgium to Bonn-Germany) It is, really, only recently that a momentum has been re-established and stamina no longer some kind of stranger.
Lazy- Sunday- afternoon- Trundles- along-the- Rhein season is now officially open (here are my photos to prove it). Just the right inspirational balm the studio doctor ordered - that is of course if there is such a person!
Wishing you all an ace week, fill to the brim with creativity and inspired thoughts.

Mug Shots online now!

"Anton" Pencil on Paper Sheona Hamilton-Grant. All rights reserved
A few days ago the latest CAG online show went online.Mug Shots. Dog chops of all shapes and sizes can be seen and voted for. You love art and /or dogs, why don't you grab a cup of coffee and browse the 60 different works of art all on view on the Canine Art Guild website. I did and saw some real gems.

Why pencil?

Whypencil?Pencil chose me.It has to be said: I never had a look in.Never sat down, pensively, too decide on which medium to use.Never had the time to be rational, logical or calculating.My heart and pencils collided when my brain was looking the other way.They have been as thick as thieves since.
"Past to Present" pencil on paper, 2007 Sheona Hamilton-Grant. All rights reserved
The level of precision they achieve exciting.The detail coaxed out of their tips astounding.The world created beautiful.They succeed, in a world devoid of colour, to fill it to the brim with nuances, delicate contrasts, strong shapes, influential hues and strong feelings.Each smooth and flowing stroke crucial to the believable images.Witnessing hues of grey tame and shape conflicting elements such as warm, cold, light ,dark, hard and soft is addictive. An addiction which opens ones mind to a better understanding of form, shading,depth, light, transitional subtleties and strong composition.Why pencil?Simpl…