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Middle of the week and wondering where all the good art printers are!

OK so I ended last week on a fun note....visions of my work in a Museum.

Middle of the week, and I can't even seem to get them correctly printed.

OK, I tell a lie the three Zig Zag escapades: "Ciao", "Footloose" and "Fancy Free" they are printed, protectively packaged and ready for export. They are looking GOOD and officially for sale.
Popular demand has meant "Head to Toe" should also be available as a (perfect, available in 2 different sizes, printed on acid free top quality paper, signed by the artist with accompanying COA) print।
To this effect, I have run back and forward to the printers 6 times, sent endless pdf files and made a number of very polite phone calls, only to come to the sad conclusion that some people just don't have an inkling of finesse।
"Head to Toe" will be printed when and only when it is a 100% perfect.
Why I changed printers I hear you ask? No idea. I'm slightly mad.
I will eat a bit of humble pie and …

Ending the week with "upboosting" visions

Fellow artist, rephrase that super talented fellow artist Laura Hardie had this on her blog a few days ago. I gave it a shot et voila....
Museum quality...
I bet nobody thought graphite could look so good so big!!!!
Dreams can come true so I am told....

Back off to the drawing board make that dream board.

p.s: if you want to give it a go yourselves this link will get you there.

Zig Zags' international success....

Zig Zag has been awarded second place at the Cows Palace Art Show.
So good. So very good. Actually I am chuffed to bits!
I have sent five of my big pieces and 3 smaller pieces off to the States for the summer.
First stop was San Francisco.
I was not sure how the american market would respond to my work.
Well I guess now I have a good idea... I am curious to see what the rest of the summer will bring. My work will be going to Menlo next and then to Santa Barbara....
All go at this end.
Off up to the drawing board for todays' session.
more soon.

Monday morning, first posting of the week...'Fancy Free"

Third pencil study of Zig Zag's baby "steps"!

Here is "Fancy Free" finished and framed. Ready for its journey to the Figura Gallery in Windsor.
Once again Zig Zag has been captured in full flight...well... on take off!

Hope you enjoy!

Discovering the wonders of painting a pie

I've never been interested in paintings of food ...
Never, until last week.
I was blown away as I watched this piece of sherry pie appear stroke by stroke.
I sat and watched and ...aaaahed as I discovered the wonders of painting a pie.
Pure talent.
Bringing beauty and genius to the ordinary.
Who I hear you think?

Duane Keiser.

Check him out ...

An artists "response" to a whole load of set -backs...

Have you ever felt that you are just not sure which way to turn and what to think?  
Well this was the basic state of affairs for me last week.  
I had no clue how to deal with everything (professionally and privately) being chucked at me that I just ended picking up a pencil and going for it!  

"Response" is the result of my mayonnaise of took ages to draw.  
I took 2 days to getsome sort of a good flow going but then as the week went on and my gritty determination got stronger, it all fell into place.
I like the result.  
I like the symbolism: it's not all dark and just like life you can respond and swich away most of the rubbish you get delt!

Pencils need sharpening, thanks for popping by...

Ciao, spring feeling in full flow (New pencil drawing)

Here's the follow on to last weeks "Footloose": "Ciao"Here is Zig Zag once again at full speed on a fresh sunny spring morning.   The very interesting thing about drawing foals is the way in which you have to render their little muscles: they are so defined and tense yet underdeveloped.  The other thing is the over-dimensional width and length of their legs...a little surreal. Just can't help smiling when drawing them though.
Thanks for popping by,
more soon.

"Footloose", the way to start spring with a jump

Here she is again the young filly Zig Zag frolicking around as a playful three day old. New title of this study: "footloose": it sprung to mind and just stuck....! It's not a massive drawing 17 x20cm (image size), I've had very little time this week (the girls are still on their Easter break and are keeping me on my toes.)  So this is a result of my night shift endeavour. Had fun, loved the mixed expression of determination and surprise in her young eyes. They are just soooooo cute at that age.
Lunch time and have the oven on must dash...more soon.