Ending the week with "upboosting" visions

Fellow artist, rephrase that super talented fellow artist Laura Hardie had this on her blog a few days ago. I gave it a shot et voila....
Museum quality...
I bet nobody thought graphite could look so good so big!!!!
Dreams can come true so I am told....

Back off to the drawing board make that dream board.

p.s: if you want to give it a go yourselves this link will get you there.


hbedrosian said…
At first I was taken aback at how large your pieces were, then I realized what it was. What fun! Thanks for posting the link.
Great isn't...This size would take years and most probably drive me a little nuts... oh the wonders of modern technology.
Laura said…
You're too kind:-D There is something very appealing about going this big though, don't you think - it could take a while in pencils mind you.

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