Zig Zags' international success....

Zig Zag has been awarded second place at the Cows Palace Art Show.
So good. So very good. Actually I am chuffed to bits!
I have sent five of my big pieces and 3 smaller pieces off to the States for the summer.
First stop was San Francisco.
I was not sure how the american market would respond to my work.
Well I guess now I have a good idea... I am curious to see what the rest of the summer will bring. My work will be going to Menlo next and then to Santa Barbara....
All go at this end.
Off up to the drawing board for todays' session.
more soon.


hbedrosian said…
Congratulations, Sheona! This is recognition well-deserved. I really think that "Zig Zag" has great character and movement.

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