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Monday, 14 April 2008

An artists "response" to a whole load of set -backs...

Have you ever felt that you are just not sure which way to turn and what to think?  
Well this was the basic state of affairs for me last week.  
I had no clue how to deal with everything (professionally and privately) being chucked at me that I just ended picking up a pencil and going for it!  

"Response" is the result of my mayonnaise of took ages to draw.  
I took 2 days to getsome sort of a good flow going but then as the week went on and my gritty determination got stronger, it all fell into place.
I like the result.  
I like the symbolism: it's not all dark and just like life you can respond and swich away most of the rubbish you get delt!

Pencils need sharpening, thanks for popping by...

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