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Robert- final steps of new greyhound graphite portrait.

One week later and, at last,  Robert is looking more like an alert greyhound. I will put him out of sight for a few days and polish him later on next week.This is my first portrait for the CAG's next online show : Helping Paws 2008 Exhibition.The idea behind the show is to have each artist pledge a percentage of their sales in support of an animal welfare effort. I would like to help and support the Dumfriesshire and Cumbria Greyhound RescueI have fallen for these gorgeous, gentle and loyal canines and have chosen to donate 20% from my sale of this piece to this specific Greyhound Rescue.  Dumfriesshire and Cumbria Rescue is the only greyhound re-homing in the Dumfries & Galloway and Cumbria region. They are a young dynamic charity and have found homes for over 450 greyhounds in 6 years. I am planning on having three ready for the show. "Helping Paws 2008" goes on line on October the 1st 2008 for 4 months. Tomorrow's Monday: first day of school. After waltzing ar…

Drawing of Greyhound, first steps.

Here are the first two steps (still very rough) of one of the drawings I preparing for the next Canine Art Guild's online exhibition. This is a Robert a gorgeous Greyhound. I love his light round alert eyes.The difficulties with this perspective is getting the length and width of his muzzle right (he still looks very much like a bulldog...!) and the 3D impression (will hopefully work in a few layers time...!). I have also decided to use the stripes and markings in his coat to establish his bone structure: this will also take another few layers...So far I have his eyes (basically) done and feel I can go on into the real detailing of his face.More to come.  Thanks for looking and have a great Sunday.

"Past to Present" - finished pencil drawing

Here is Past to Present. There will always be a gap between generations.  This is normal and healthy. Past & present shows how much trust, respect, confidence, understanding and strength can be achieved by bridging generations.  I loved drawing this piece. Many reasons spring to mind (new territory, new subject, new challenge, new approach...) However, the main reason has to be (symbolism aside) rendering three totally different textures: hair, cotton and skin.I used a 2B, 5B (for the dark jeans) and F (for skin).  The T-shirt I will admit was rendered by blending 2B which I then layered with F to get the smoothed crushed feeling. The paper used was Mellotex a very thick smooth white paper.I'm glad I found the TLC this piece needed last week.  Now: it's back to gorgeous 4 legged subjects.Cheers for now

New graphite drawing on the drawing board.

The dust had settled  just a little up in the studio but nothing too thick that one wee puff of breath couldn't dislodge... 
Here's what I found:

A new study... still very much in progress.  I like it because it's heading in such a new direction (2 legged subject as opposed to 4!) and also because, as we all know, hands are the ultimate challenge.

With a little bit of luck and professional time management,  I 'll be able to get a few more sessions in before the week is out... and give it some much needed TLC!

A few canine pictures shot on speck, no posing involved.

I have sifted through and (somewhat) organised the major part of my "holiday snaps".

Todays selection is of the barking kind.   A few highlights of canines on a day out and of hounds saying hi... Hunting hounds were introduced to the public and the result was no less than thick muddy paw-marks on light jackets and peels of laughter from all ages.
Enjoy, there will be more soon but for now I'm off up to the drawing board to see how much dust actually settles after 3 weeks of absence...
Love people as much as foxes.


Spots and rubber flowers.... new season's trend!

Saw you...missed the puddles! Not so sure about mum!
Any chance of a hug...please!

Clydesdale and Shires: inspirational for both drawing and photography

There's something magical as well as reassuring to having a base in ones home country. Having been out of Scotland all my life, I really relish in the joy of going back there for a few weeks every year. The air, the wind, the sun, the landscape, the smells, the people and the world famous liquid sunshine all bring a much needed boost deep within.This year was no exception: I've come home re-energised with 12GB of photographic evidence which I will be sharing with you over the next weeks.  Don't run away - these are NOT holiday snaps- rest assured but crucial references for my art.  To proves this to you and without any further ado here are:Katie and Lola. Katie and Lola are best friends at Mabie Farm. I first met these two gorgeous equines last summer and the result was a big portrait entitled "Gentle Gentlemen" (I was then unaware that they are mares and not geldings - no comment!).The new photos I have of these ladies will no doubt lead to a follow-up portrait …