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Wilbur and the Easter bunnies....

All is well with Wilbur.
Caught him out and about with his new partners in crime. He's seems to have given up rocking to my loud music and opted for gentle outdoor activities...
Stroking chocolate bunnies in the company of a big ginger cat might not be everyone's idea of a wild time, but they all seemed to be getting along spiffingly ! (Dare I tell them the bunnies true destiny?)

Not long now before we can all munch happily and totally guilt free on chocolate eggs, bells and ....bunnies.

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter from this end where the grass is "greening" and nature is successfully shaking off the dregs of winter!

Moment in time (nearly) completed pencil drawing

"Moment in Time"
22x31 cm.
Sheona Hamilton-Grant. All rights reserved.

Please forgive my silence: cyberwaves (and time) have been out of my reach for the last few days as I spent time in Germany promoting my up and coming "one-man" show in April.

Back in a sunny Belgium working in the studio again.
Here's the latest piece "Moment in Time".
I love the moment, the trusting contact between equine and human.
A precious memorable contact.
One of my fond memories...

Horse& head collar new drawing underway

Finally found time to say hi to my drawing board and coax my pencils into a serious work-out. After a week of marketing and organising, I left them lying dormant! Definitely time to shake them back in to action.

Here the first steps in a new piece, non-commissioned and loaded with understated emotion.

Horse & head collar accurately describe the first scribbles done on Mellotex paper. I have used a 2B clutch and a little 6B in the dark areas.
Hoping to get another grand session in tomorrow (after sifting trough some paper work.)

Promise to post the result.

All about organising, thinking and preparing...and writing

As my solo show approaches at great speed, I've been running left and right, phoning, listing, planning, scheduling, correcting, stressing, tweaking, thinking and writing ( most probably all in that order!)

The writing has been the new challenging fun part. After months of work, my book "My Colours of Graphite. Black on Grey on White", finally boasts dotted "i''s" and crossed "t's" and looking (nearly) ready to greet the big wide world.

Once a date for the exhibition was set, it seemed like a nice idea to bring out a small book- a retrospective covering the last 15 years of my life. A very special and sincere way to pay tribute to all the people who have believed in me and supported me along the way.

It's looking great, over 80 of my drawings have come together to show the world just how powerful a single pencil can be. As you can well imagine my scribble friends are on a pedestal as we retrace the 15 years we have spent together.