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Start of new pencil portrait. First steps.

Some of you may of been wondering if this was slowly turning into an amateur photographers picture blog. NO.
Back on track.
Pencils have been sharpened and performing.
Here to prove this statement is the start to Lilly's portrait.
Lilly is still only a baby. Through this portrait I would like to capture the tentative yet totally engaging smiles wee babies have and highlight the gentle protectiveness of a dotting mother.

Technical information:
Paper: Mellotex (Mellotex paper allows for great detail and smoothness. Perfect for a small baby's features.)
Pencils: 6B, 2B, F & 2H
Extra tools: BluTack & Staedler pencil sharpener.

Layout, composition and size was worked out through a basic sketch and sent to my client for approval.
The green light given serious rendering commenced.

Step 1
Eyes and shape of face.
Values are still being established as the darkest one is in the background.
I was happy with the overall result here and decided that the " perfecting layer" tweaking cou…

Bumble bee on a broom

Tag... the good old game played by generations meets the cyberworld.
I'm it! (Between you and me I've been it for a while... Quite a while back I was tagged by whimsical .)
Today, first Monday of Spring is a good time for nice in-between-before-new drawing-wip-fun post
The rules are simple:take the 6th photo from 6th file and blog about it.
I'm in luck it's a great pic of a bumble bee on a broom.

Love bumble bees...
Did you know they call them humla in Sweden?

p.s: I'm meant to tag 6 other blogs...If you're reading this: you're it!

Behind Closed Paws, graphite drawing of puppy.

"Behind Closed Paws" 27x20 cm, Graphite on Paper
380 Euros

In all honesty, I had a little help with this drawing... professional help: the concept and initial references are not my own.
The photographer behind "Behind Closed Paws" is none other than Erin Vey. (Here is how it came about.)
Erin Vey's photograph of Vinnie not only turned my head and but triggered my imagination.
Erin's photography is stunning.
If you are not familiar with her work, like dogs, enjoy great photography then there is only one thing for it : you have got to visit her website.

"Behind closed Paws" is one of three entries featuring in the sixth CAG online show The Company Dog's Keep. There Vinnie the pup is in brilliant and versatile company and isthoroughly enjoying being cuter than cute.(Maybe he'll get a few of the public's votes)

Unfortunately, I can't share much about the creation of this piece: I have no work in progress set up ...real life and a tired scanner…

"Drawing a Blank" new equine graphite study.

"Drawing a Blank"
Mixed media (graphite-charcoal)35x27 cm
295 Euros ($365)C
Sheona Hamilton-Grant. 2009.Copyright

Here is how a young equine playfully reacts to the boredom of winter.
Here is how a graphite artist reacted to the feelings and memories this simple gesture awoke.
Here is "Drawing a Blank".

6 days, 5 nights and blank walls.

You may have noticed a decrease in the number of my blog posts.
I apologies.
Last week was strenuous: hospitals are not the funniest places in the world albeit one of the most important.

Spent 5 unexpected nights surrounded by machinery, drips and blank walls.
Our youngest was hit by pneumonia. Badly.
Strangely enough my moleskin was in my bag with pen... it never is.
It helped.
6 days later, we are home safe and sound, jumping for joy (olympic jumps) the wee one is singing and laughing loudly (castafiore caliber).

Life is good again.

To all of you, where ever you are, have a "fan-da-bee-dosy" week-end.

Secret knowledge, book review

Secret Knowledge (New and Expanded Edition): Rediscovering the Lost Techniques of the Old Masters by David Hockney

Start of a new month, time for another wee book review. In the spotlight today is David Hockney's "Rediscovering the Lost Techniques of the Old Masters".

Great book.

I love controversy especially when it targets the art world, when it stirs up the way we perceive and look at great masterful works of art; when it throws a whole new massive spanner into the works.

Optics or eyeballed?

That is the question.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, I savoured it because of the artwork and the new light shining on them. (I still find myself today picking it up to satisfy a looming question, checking out uncertainties.)

The author has written a good book without long and technically soporific dissertations but with, beautifully illustrated examples and to the point explanations.
I found it thrilling in its controversy and inspiring through the art portayed.

Interesting que…