Behind Closed Paws, graphite drawing of puppy.

"Behind Closed Paws"
27x20 cm, Graphite on Paper
380 Euros

In all honesty, I had a little help with this drawing... professional help: the concept and initial references are not my own.
The photographer behind "Behind Closed Paws" is none other than Erin Vey. (Here is how it came about.)
Erin Vey's photograph of Vinnie not only turned my head and but triggered my imagination.
Erin's photography is stunning.
If you are not familiar with her work, like dogs, enjoy great photography then there is only one thing for it : you have got to visit her website.

"Behind closed Paws" is one of three entries featuring in the sixth CAG online show The Company Dog's Keep. There Vinnie the pup is in brilliant and versatile company and isthoroughly enjoying being cuter than cute.(Maybe he'll get a few of the public's votes)

Unfortunately, I can't share much about the creation of this piece: I have no work in progress set up ...real life and a tired scanner made sure of that... Technical data: Strathmore Smooth 2 ply, Derwent graphite pencils 5B, 2B & Staedler clutch with F. Touch of General's charcoal for the very dark areas.
One thing I can share with confidence and openly is the affirmation that the grin never left my face...


Laure Ferlita said…
What a beautiful piece of work! Good luck with the show. It's always fun to collaborate with another artist on a piece of work - the old two heads are better than one thing!
It's a wee darling...both the artwork and the puppy :)
April Jarocka said…
Sheona, your work continues to captivate me. Love the work and especially the title!!
Hope you're well
Lovely picture :-)
Thank you. I knew he (Vinnie the pup) would bring out a few ohs! Sun is shining a little more here and hit the drawing board. Energy levels are up. Hope you are seeing more golden rays as well:)
Marco Costa said…
Beautiful drawing!
Hello Marco, muchas gracias!. Love your pencil work. Greetings to you in Lima.

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