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Artsit dedicated to art vs mum of two young children

Ever had the feeling that your feet are never going to stop stamping out of frustration?
Read on: this is my way letting off a little steam.
I'm a Mum. I'm an artist.
Both are driven by the heart, demand loads of love, energy, understanding and devotion.
Are they compatible? Absolutely.
Are they rivals? Absolutely.
Both careers require time in bucket loads and are not 9 to 5 jobs (no matter how hard one tries 24hours is the absolute max you can get out of 1 day!)
Both require huge amounts of flexibility (which eats up on the others time!) and both are rivals on the depletion of inner energy levels.
Who ends up winning?
Well at the moment my mother instinct has the upper hand (I am very glad to say!) so where does this leave my art?
Gathering dust?
Hiding under piles of work?
On hold until tomorrow?
Waiting for the children to grow up?
NO, no no! (thank goodness!)
Having to surrender, now and then, some of my art's needed time, flexibility and inner energy leaves me with a deter…

Quality Time, a new graphite drawing of father and child

Relieved, proud and elated.
Gentle Tom was not a one off...Quality Time is finished and shows another precious childhood moment.
Spent roughly 50 hours on this piece. Commission work has been coming along really well and allowed myself a little treat.
Ups and downs, this piece has seen a few but overall a great learning curve and I'm up for the next challenge. First back to the drawing board to get cracking on the next commission. Cheers.