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25th Birthday.. A special horse's special day

Last Friday, I was invited to Florestan I 's 25th birthday. It was a really nice afternoon and the occasion celebrated in style. Apples and carrots for the birthday boy (and bubbly for the two legged guests.) Being a part of this was humbling, memorable and quite simply very special. I took my Eos and let it do the talking. Here is what it had to say.
Susanne Schmidt-Rimkus, Andrea Stricker, Herr&Frau Schulte-Boeker

Florestan was on fine form and looking amazing for his years.

Florestan I (v.Fidelio-Rheingold-Garamond) Rheinlaender, born 1986, Bay, 170 cm

Press lens and pens captured the moment in pictures and words.

The first two Limited Edition Prints of my drawing "Holding On" were presented as gifts to his breeder Herr E. Schulte-Boecker and rider/groom Andrea Stricker (pictured here)

Sun + smiles + special equines= Perfect moment.

"Art is In" and "Conquista": commissioned drawings.

One month ago Xmas trees were into their last week of shining glory and seasonal gifts making their way to new homes.Here are another two action portraits, Christmas commissions, which found their way under a glimmering pine tree.
Always enjoy drawing show-jumpers especially when they are in full flight and have that extra special look in their eyes. Both of these successful equines offered me just that as well as a lovely walk down memory lane.
"Art is In" Pencil on Paper, 32x28 cm Sold Sheona Hamilton-Grant. All rights reserved.

"Conquista" Pencil on Paper, 32x28 cm Sold Sheona Hamilton-Grant. All rights reserved.

Hot mugs and sketched circles

With each new winter, my right hand slows down just that wee bit more.Decades of "poo shoveling" and hard outdoor equine management is starting to take it's toll on my joints - more importantly my right hand. I'm not too worried (strong images of work produced by Renoir while crippled by arthritis remind me of what can be achieved when the passion is strong!)
Knowing that I am not the only artist relying on a fully functional, mobile hand, I would like to share my home remedies of how I try to overcome and beat the frustration of drawing with a slow, overworked hand.
A big chunky hard-wearing mug filled to the max with piping hot water is held a few minutes. This is too let the heat seep in and warm-up the whole of my hand. The warmth generated helps to relax it and get a better grip of my pencil. Bliss. Once the warmth is in deep, I move on to a few warm- up exercises. Circles of all shapes and sizes are sketched on scrap paper. Paying special attention that they are p…

"Post Your Artwork Online Anytime" by Michael Cash

Post your Artwork Online Anytimeby Michael CashUploading artwork onto the internet is something that has been available to many for the past decade, but only in the past several years has it been quite so easy. With the latest smartphones, laptops, and tablets on the market, it is easier than ever to upload media onto the internet instantly. While uploading music onto the internet has become quite mainstream, it can be difficult to find a means of uploading fine art pieces onto the internet. Some sites cost money in order to upload artwork, and some web sites are merely for display only.
Of the plethora of modern devices which are capable of uploading artwork from practically anywhere, the laptop is definitely the most robust device. It does not offer the same degree of mobility as some of the smaller devices, but most laptops do have access to wifi, and use hardware that is much more powerful than the most powerful tablet, or smartphone. In addition to a larger storage capacity, lapto…

Nelle - pencil driving portrait

Driving four wheels, loads of PS and fast down German motorways is my idea (and experience) of driving.You can imagine how intruiged I was to discover a little more about the lower PS driving last summer. Horses, controlled, focused, beautifully groomed and on a mission to win, greeted my Eos and I over three days at the annual Ostenfelde driving show. Understanding a little more of the in's and out's of equine driving helped me no end in creating my first driving portrait. Nelle is a 6 year old Haflinger/Welsch Cob mare with a massive heart and beautiful manner. Her blond looks and pretty movement are deceptive: she's a real "go getter". She won her categories not only at this show but also the over regional Westphalian Cup. Her owner and driver found this portrait of her under her Christmas tree as a great big bonus success.
"Nelle" Pencil on Paper. Copyright Sheona Hamilton-Grant. All rights reserved. Sold
Next week, Black on Grey on White, will feature a gu…

A new year, a new decade, a new ...

2011 is going to be a great year, a year of change, challenge, growth, inspiration and prosperity. How do I know? I don't. Giving it my most serious shot will kick start it to being just that. We all have the same: twelve months, 52 weeks and 365 days. 10 days have already been spent at this end working on the change, facing the challenge, feeding the growth, nurturing the inspiration and preparing for the prosperity. 355 to go... here's to a cracking 2011!