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Sunday, 30 January 2011

25th Birthday.. A special horse's special day

Last Friday, I was invited to Florestan I 's 25th birthday.
It was a really nice afternoon and the occasion celebrated in style.
Apples and carrots for the birthday boy (and bubbly for the two legged guests.)
Being a part of this was humbling, memorable and quite simply very special. I took my Eos and let it do the talking. Here is what it had to say.

Susanne Schmidt-Rimkus, Andrea Stricker, Herr&Frau Schulte-Boeker

Florestan was on fine form and looking amazing for his years.

Florestan I
Rheinlaender, born 1986, Bay, 170 cm

Press lens and pens captured the moment in pictures and words.

The first two Limited Edition Prints of my drawing "Holding On" were presented as gifts to his breeder Herr E. Schulte-Boecker and rider/groom Andrea Stricker (pictured here)

Sun + smiles + special equines= Perfect moment.


Elizabeth McCrindle said...

The photographs are just stunning and a beautiful memory of what must have been a great day :)

Sheona Hamilton Grant said...

Thank you Elizabeth! The day will stay for me for a very long time to come :D

jennprattequineartist said...

really lovely pics Sheona - what a nice way to celebrate with a special horse :)

Linda Shantz said...

I have to echo these comments! He's so handsome, and you've captured such beautiful shots.