"Post Your Artwork Online Anytime" by Michael Cash

Post your Artwork Online Anytime

by Michael Cash

Uploading artwork onto the internet is something that has been available to many for the past decade, but only in the past several years has it been quite so easy. With the latest smartphones, laptops, and tablets on the market, it is easier than ever to upload media onto the internet instantly. While uploading music onto the internet has become quite mainstream, it can be difficult to find a means of uploading fine art pieces onto the internet. Some sites cost money in order to upload artwork, and some web sites are merely for display only.

Of the plethora of modern devices which are capable of uploading artwork from practically anywhere, the laptop is definitely the most robust device. It does not offer the same degree of mobility as some of the smaller devices, but most laptops do have access to wifi, and use hardware that is much more powerful than the most powerful tablet, or smartphone. In addition to a larger storage capacity, laptops offer access to a greater diversity of software. Smartphones such as the iPhone, or Google's Android offer advanced access to the web in a hand-held device. Most smartphones offer quality cameras which can be used to take photos of artwork. After the picture is taken, the media can then be uploaded to any site on the web in a matter of seconds.

Tablet PCs have become quite popular in recent years, thanks to their multitude of uses. One such use is the ability to access the internet using a connection to a wireless internet service. One of the most prolific tablets, called the iPad, can be used for a variety of different purposes thanks to the enormous App store offered by Apple. Not only can the iPad upload images from the device onto the internet immediately, but there are Apps which allow users to actually create their own art pieces, using the touch screen of the tablet.

Quite a few web sites allow art to be uploaded and displayed. Not all of these web sites serve the same functions, however. Some, such as www.artbracket.com allow artists to simply upload their work. This web site also gives its users the ability to maintain a personal page which can display a short resume and portfolio. Those who are looking for talented artists can post wanted ads on the site as well.

Fine Art America is one of the largest and most successful websites which allows artists to display their pieces of art for the rest of the internet to see. Over a million pieces of art are on display, and nearly 50,000 artists belong to the web site. A great variety of fine art is on display, including sculptures, reliefs, canvas prints, and tapestries. Joining the website costs nothing, and the option to sell, buy or market yourself through this site is something that not many art related web sites offer for free. There are scores of different options for artists to showcase their work, such as the custom shopping page which allows an artist to create a storefront for their own work. There is even a Facebook application which can be attached to a Facebook profile. This application allows one to sell works of art to their friends and family through the social networking site.

Keep in mind when uploading photographs of artwork, that the size of the picture matters. The larger the file, the longer the file will take to load. Uploading an image that is 5000 pixels by 5000 pixels will give the viewers a clearer image, but the picture will also take two minutes or more to load onto the screen.

Michael Cash is a twenty something freelance writer and internet consultant residing in western Michigan. When he’s not coaching people out of 1990s era web practices, amateur astronomy and hiking take up his time. A completely random fact about Michael is that he used to “ghost hunt” as a youngster.


Michael said…
What great advice ; )
I agree! Actually checking out both art bracket and Fine Arts America. Both sound very interesting!

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