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Wee peek into new studio

Now all  the boxes are gone thought you might like to have a wee insider peek of one of my favorite places.

The drawing board This is where I stand and scribble for hours with passion. Behind on the windowsill are Kim Santini's beautiful portraits of Jess. On the back of the board Sallie Gardner at a gallop.  Sequence of photographs taken 1878 by Eadweard Muybridge. Always loved these photographs and was thrilled to find a wall Tattoo to liven up my small all important drawing board.

Adored yellow sofa.   This is where the sun shines and the inspiration and knowledge fed (piles of art books and sketch pads on and under table).   Usually shared with a cat and other family members ;)

Desk It had to be big so it's U shaped.  Decided to not stage a shot and this is usually the way it looks just before starting a new drawing, after having finished, invoiced and catalogued a completed one.  Really it looks like this for a very short period of time ;) usually there's a special &q…

Random post ... a "just because"

This "Out the box thinking"
So last season!

In the peppers box is new unconventional way of beefing up creativity...

Honestly, I believe a wee someone is learning to read and write?  If so: must inform asap that cat is spelled C.A.T and not P.E.P.P.E.R.S...!


Been a good week.
Pencils were on form. (Has to be down to the imminent start of spring: it affects us all!)
Their form was such that they rustled up this portrait of beautiful Fiona effortlessly, composed, working untiringly with a steady daily tempo.
A rarity of late.
It felt exceptional.

Fiona Pencil on Paper 23 x 27 cm SOLD


Massive mistake! I never introduced you to Cherry.
I had the pleasure of spending time with her image in the studio at the end of last year.
The wee lass is an amazing 32 years young.
An impressive fact that qualifies her as the oldest horse I have had the honour of drawing.
This mare's honest, charming and friendly nature were a joy to render.

Quite frankly, interpreting and immortalising this gentle soul is what makes my job plain fantastic.

Cherry Pencil on Paper Sold