Massive mistake! I never introduced you to Cherry.
I had the pleasure of spending time with her image in the studio at the end of last year.
The wee lass is an amazing 32 years young.
An impressive fact that qualifies her as the oldest horse I have had the honour of drawing.
This mare's honest, charming and friendly nature were a joy to render.

Quite frankly, interpreting and immortalising this gentle soul is what makes my job plain fantastic.

Pencil on Paper


Lissa Rachelle said…
What a sweet, gentle face she has. Such a beautiful, sensitive piece of work, Sheona! :)
Lissa she really does. She's out of the ordinary and that's what makes her very special :D
Ditto what Lissa says. Could just snuggle that soft squidgey nose :)
Elizabeth I know! Wish I had met her live 'cause that would have been one the first things I would have instinctively done :D
Jo Castillo said…
Ah, so sweet. I can feel her muzzle, too. Beautiful work.
Jo XL thank you! I can feel a new series of work coming out of this one protrait ;) Fingers crossed I get organised enough to find the time to get it done. Have a great week-end :D

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