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Cheery-hohoho ….

Time to say cheerio for this year. 
Pencils are resting after another scribbled packed year.
So without any further ado and a massivecheery-hohoho,wishing you all amerry Christmasand a  fandabidosyNew-Year!

Something totally new, well nearly...

Took an invigorating jump out of the old routine (of Christmas commissions) and into a batch of new discoveries (texture and movement of feathers, self-filming, relaxing in front of camera, getting into the zone when in the spotlight, drawing without spontaneous OTT dance moves…)

Pencil in hand, a new challenge of rendering a feathered subject was taken up and deciding to hit two birds with one stone (super bad pun intended!) went ahead and learned how to capture the process on my iPhone.
The result (an succession of photographs shot at 3 minute intervals over a five day period) is really fun.

Next step: repeat with a new drawing and improve on the whole relaxing and just scribbling thing...

"Rooster" Pencil on Paper 24x23 cm Sold Sheona Hamilton-Grant