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Johnny Jo- Sketched by Monica Dahl

Journal Entry 2010 Monica Dahl. All rights reserved
Alive Johnny had this ability of enchanting people with his magic tail-wagging "smile", little did I know he could do it after his death.

A short time after "Johnny Jo" died, one of my readers (fellow artist Monica Dahl) contacted me asking for permission to use a " JJ photograph" as a reference.

Johnny Jo Journal entry close-up. Pencil on Paper Monica Dahl. All rights reserved

The result is a wonderful sketch capturing his whole Johnny-ness; his big-hair - big eyes - big heart.
The result a beautiful timeless entry into Monica's very personal and precious traveling sketchbook.
The result a tear in my eye and a smile on my lips.

Here is one more example of Monica's delicate and beautiful pencil work.
Hope pencil on paper. Monica Dahl.2011 All rights reserved.

Agape Touch makes Front (web)Page News & becomes editor's choice

Agape Touch Pencil on Paper Sheona Hamilton-Grant. All rights reserved.
In a woosh of swirling happy dances, I've just read of the news of Agape Touch's first online success. Mike Sibley has elected Agape Touch as this month's Editor's choice on Starving Artists. It's one great thing becoming and Editor's choice but when it's by one of the best pencil artistswell that's just "plain ace!"

Happy Week-end to you all with a woosh, a swirl and a grin!

"In the Picture" new drawing of Cavalier King Charles pup.

In the Picture Pencil on Paper 24x32 cm Sheona Hamilton-Grant. All rights reserved.
Life is puzzling. Just like a puzzle it is entertaining, infuriating & engaging.Made up of a thousand moments it captures our hearts, feeds our imaginations and defines our memories.The missing piece a reminder of things to come or of what has been and gone?

A big thank you goes out to Seattle based lifestyle dog photographer extraordinaire Erin Vey for allowing me to use her photograph as a reference. If you have a moment you should check out her wonderful canine world where her stunning awe-inspiring photographs await.

Still in progress: Cavalier King Charles Puppy drawing.

I've buckled down, sharpened the pencils and focused my attention back on this wee chaps big puppy eyes. Approximately half way through, still a load of tweaking needed to be done on the pups face and body but first I want to get the surrounding elements finished. The radiating lines in the jumper play an important part in the movement of the piece and they have to become more fluid and believable (they are looking so clumsy and clumpy!). Up-date will follow this week, until then here's a view of the current state of affairs!
Work in Progress. Pencil on Paper. Sheona Hamilton-Grant. All rights reserved.

"Mother's Day" smiles

Children are the anchors that hold a mother to life.
- Sophocles

When Moo has whole new meaning...

They're here and looking waowzingly cool!
Up-dated Business cards ordered from the best suppliers out there: Moo and they are just perfect.

Quality of print: top notch. Speed of delivery: very fast. Room for imagination: endless. Flexibility: very elastic (check out their printfinity option)

This time round (been a Moo addict for over 3 years) I chose to have 10 selected drawings printed, add a QR code (bit of an "app" fan) as well as keep the design sleek and timeless (this is where the quality of paper is also very important).
No more Moo bragging: best you have a wee look yourselves. Careful though, my bet is that you'll not leave without having ordered your own!