When Moo has whole new meaning...

They're here and looking waowzingly cool!
Up-dated Business cards ordered from the best suppliers out there: Moo and they are just perfect.

Quality of print: top notch.
Speed of delivery: very fast.
Room for imagination: endless.
Flexibility: very elastic (check out their printfinity option)

This time round (been a Moo addict for over 3 years) I chose to have 10 selected drawings printed, add a QR code (bit of an "app" fan) as well as keep the design sleek and timeless (this is where the quality of paper is also very important).

No more Moo bragging: best you have a wee look yourselves. Careful though, my bet is that you'll not leave without having ordered your own!


love them, they are darling
Jullia said…
indeed, they look so nice :D you convinced me. I'm gonna try them too :D
Linda Shantz said…
I think you may have inspired me to try them too, Sheona! Is there any kind of referral thing that would benefit you? :-)
Maria thank you :D Nice to handle as well (hope people want to hang on to them)
Jullia and Linda: you will not be disappointed. They don't seem to have a referral system. You can request their sample product pack. Excellent way of discovering their quality with no cost or risk.
Lene said…
They look excellent and very proff - fits you ;)
Lene: they are and thank-you :D

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