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Early Bird ... drawn

This wee bird is proud (I can totally relate) and relieved (food on the table tonight).

Pride should be (sporadically) experienced, savoured, shown-off.
Pride is a good (in healthy amounts) it is proof of self-respect.
Pride is the main content of this post.

Yep! feeling very pleased with my second bird study.
A few new boxes have been ticked:
Better rendering of the lay of their feathersunderstanding the tilt of the headlearning the insectivore subtleties of their dietcornering their temperament depth(and the best box of all) hesitation dissipated: each stroke knew where to go

Bird study #2 "Early Bird" Pencil on Paper 23x19 cm

P.S: Postponing my artistic discovery of the bird world for a while, new (featherless) commission on the board. Before I start,  great big thank you to Donna Ridgeway for the use of the her fab swallow photographs.

Bird on a wire

I was curious (and still am!)  Curious to see how my brain (and pencils) would deal with drawing something so small, so delicate, so elusive. How it would feel to get lost in feathers as opposed to hair. How it would feel to render something you are only able to touch with your eyes and heart.
The great news is: these amazing sophisticated little creatures have offered to show me a whole new world... and I have agreed ;)

Watch this space!

Bird study #1 Pencil on Paper 19x26 cm