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I've pARTy-ed, well my pencils have!

We've had a pARTy!
Meaning a wee bunch of us (artists) have used one reference pic to create a piece of work.
Hugo's photo was the centre of attention and supplied to us by friend and artist Linda Shantz.
Linda runs a small maternity ward thouroughbred farm in Canada and Hugo is one of the newborns skipping around the yard.

The pARTy rules were very simple. Create a piece of work using the reference within 24 hours.
My (homemade) rules a little tougher; create a drawing in under 4 hours, keep loose (cross hatching), keep detail  normal, no tweaking, sign, spray. The difficulty being in the time and the lack of tweaking I allowed myself.

Klein Hugo is the result.
Not only did I want to highlight his cuteness but also underline delicacy by grounding him with strong edgy shadows. These babies are all legs and I loved the way the shadows extended them even more.

Good friend and fellow artist (the other force behind this pARTy) Kim Santini has the full Hugo pARTy art collection on …

Exhibition at Elisa Contemporary Art Gallery - New York

Four drawings have arrived safely and on time in, no where other than,... the Big Apple!
Laureus, Florestan, Rive Droite - Rive Gauche and my  brand spanking new "Upright" have been crated and shipped across the waters to New York.
They will be strutting their stuff at the Elisa Contemporary Art Gallery in Riverside New-York.

Strength and Grace an Olympic Tribute opens on May 11th and runs through to August 12th 2012.
The exhibit will feature Equestrian artwork by Ken Peloke - Arizona Mixed Media realist and Donna Bernstein - Expressionistic Idaho Artist, also featured areCarol Bennett - Swimmers of Hawaii Artist and Jeffrey Palladini -San Francisco Minimalist.

Thrilling and humbling to have my work feature with such talent.
The ultimate best would have been to be able to fit in the crate and make the journey with them!

Upright Pencil on Paper 44x57 cm Sheona Hamilton-Grant. All rights reserved