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Sunday encounter

Quality time takes on many facettes. New unforgetable encounters being one of them.
I love birds,watch them from afar, respect them, and when it comes to swans actually the respect runs into fear... Needless to say that getting "up close and personal" with a beautiful bird of prey made my day.
Sod's law played it's part in today's photography: my Eos spent the day with the cats and the pencils snoozing in the studio (yep I forgot it!) and it was an iphone rescue... The advantage: you all get to see the camera shy face behind the pics and the words in this blog (hi all!)
Having this wee chap so close to my chest was AMAZING!!!

We even had a wee conversation (or so I like to believe!)

Hope you have all had a fantastic first autumn week-end with moments of precious quality time and pics to mark the occasion. Tomorrow back to the studio where a beautiful equine awaits!!!

Agape in Australia

Agape Touch Sold Pencil on Paper Sheona Hamilton-Grant. All rights reserved.
Mid-July, the news came that Agape Touch had been juried into the final 30 of the prestigious Inglis Equine Art Prize and was invited to go on tour in Australia until January next year! It was amazing and an honour to be in such good company: the line-up of finalists was top notch. Indeed, works of fellow artists friends Linda Shantz and Catherine Mcmillan were also present.
As I worked on organising the logistics of sending my drawing off on my dream trip, little was to prepare me for the news to come...
Mid-August, news came that Agape Touch was runner-up to Kristin Hardiman's beautiful oil painting "Mother and Foal". My hearty congratulations go out to Kristin for her win.  A few weeks later, after the show was shown in Sydney, Melbourne & Scone,  news came that Agape Touch had also been awarded the People´s Choice Award.
Mid-September, the postman delivered a Magnum of Bolinger Champagne, an overn…

Journals and Doodles

They pick up their brushes, pens, pencils, engage their imagination and create.
No questions asked, no qualms, no deep soul searching...
Good friend and fellow artist Kim Santini suggested trying journaling for my "Ladies" when the winter was at its deepest and coldest.
It has been a life changer and a big part of the last few hectic months.

"Lets bring out the Doodling Book" only needs to be whispered once...

Islay aged 8
Amelie age 6
Islay age 8
Amelie age 6

Islay age 8

Back to school and bottled madness.

The madness was...mad!
Summery but mad!
No more!
Noise levels will stay raised and hectic schedules a firm reality, but, the actual, straight-up, pure out-of-the-bottle madness will dissolve, fast.
My "Ladies" are back in school!

Their magnetic, hypnotic, excuberant charm will be missed. On the other hand, the left-over silence oh so productive.

In all honesty, I'm not entirely clear as to what the direct withdrawal symptoms of living with less madness will be.
I'm guessing a new drawing with a surprised relaxed edge.
I'm hoping a near masterpiece.
Please stay tuned while I bottle away the last of the madness and label it with care: "crazy summer 2011. Dissolved."