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Monday, 12 September 2011

Journals and Doodles

They pick up their brushes, pens, pencils, engage their imagination and create.
No questions asked, no qualms, no deep soul searching...
Good friend and fellow artist Kim Santini suggested trying journaling for my "Ladies" when the winter was at its deepest and coldest.
It has been a life changer and a big part of the last few hectic months.

"Lets bring out the Doodling Book" only needs to be whispered once...

Islay aged 8

Amelie age 6

Islay age 8

Amelie age 6

Islay age 8


Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Talented wee lassies.....take after their Mum off course :D

Kimberly Santini said...

Tell your journalista's that they are fabulously talented - LOVE the pages you have shared!!

Sheona Hamilton Grant said...

Elizabeth, thank you! I really hope they are able to hold on to and grow their madly creative imagination...a talent I wish I had a little more of!

Kim, I will! they will be tickled pink for sure. Million thanks once again for the brilliant tip:D