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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Back to school and bottled madness.

The madness was...mad!
Summery but mad!
No more!
Noise levels will stay raised and hectic schedules a firm reality, but, the actual, straight-up, pure out-of-the-bottle madness will dissolve, fast.
My "Ladies" are back in school!

Their magnetic, hypnotic, excuberant charm will be missed. On the other hand, the left-over silence oh so productive.

In all honesty, I'm not entirely clear as to what the direct withdrawal symptoms of living with less madness will be.
I'm guessing a new drawing with a surprised relaxed edge.
I'm hoping a near masterpiece.
Please stay tuned while I bottle away the last of the madness and label it with care: "crazy summer 2011. Dissolved."


Margo said...

I'm sure once you grow accustomed to the silence something fabulous will present itself to your mind or the hand holding the pencil. First you must grow accustomed to the silence, this is the advice of someone who had two exuberant souls under her wing. They have long since flown the coop and sometimes the silence is still deafening. Looking forward to the masterpiece.

Sheona Hamilton Grant said...

Margo, I never realised silence could be so loud until I had the girls....Getting used to its sound is tough. Managed to pick up a pencil again for the first time in days...feels good. Best. Sheona