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"Unstuck" …new "Paper Clone" drawing.

Finding myself all caught up in totally new terrain has been frustrating yet stimulating, unhinging yet grounding.
In a wee winter nutshell: inspiring!

My new Paper Clone had to be fun, difficult and unusual.
I had a picture in my mind.
My pencils had another at their tips.

I managed, with the invaluable help from a groups of artist friends (thank you so much!), to learn from my mistakes, to bust new barriers and to bring "Unstuck" to life.

"Unstuck" Pencil on Paper 48x42 cm Sheona Hamilton-Grant. All rights reserved

It's nearly Christmas! Christmas shopping help for the art enthusiast

Do you have growing gift list, a tighter and tighter time frame, and growing angst at the oncoming Xmas stress?  Can't help wondering how great it would be to get all of your Christmas shopping done ahead of time this year?
Maybe I can help! How about a Limited Edition Print?
This year, in time for the Holidays (yeah!), a wonderful selection of my favourite drawings have been selected, assembled and reproduced into very small edition prints (keeping the exclusivity high).  These are lovely pieces of art you can share with friends and family.

 Exclusive Limited Edition Prints available through my new catalogue or online (Prices start at 40 Euros)

Buying my prints is convenient and easy and best of all can be done from the comfort of your own home.

All prints are available online.
Simply follow this link, have a wee browse until you find and select your favourite.
Click the "buy now" button and the ball will be rolling to have…

Tweens discover Max Ernst

Who else will nod in sympathy when I admit to finding organising memorable Birthday parties tough?

Finding that cool weather proof party idea, (one that has not been done a million times), a great venue (yep house is too small), something that's not too hard on the already pulled to a max time frame or thin wallet is somewhat of a challenge.

This year the "party mission" grew in difficulty: number one daughter has now reached the grand old age of tweenhood...

Totally unsure in how to proceed, I turned to what I know best and where many of my problems and solutions lie: art.
Success: the Kunstmuseum in Bonn organises a number of different (fantastic) birthday workshops!

Having Max Ernst (1891-1976) turn up (well his legacy) and lend his ever trendy talented approach to surrealism and art was magic.
The girls rolled up their sleeves, got chatting & laughing.
Submerged themselves in a world made their own by the simple use of wire, plaster and creativity.
All went home…


"Chinese Whispers" and "Shooting Star" are off to Lausanne Switzerland to be in this years Drawing'13 exhibition.
Really wish I could be there... in person.