Tweens discover Max Ernst

Who else will nod in sympathy when I admit to finding organising memorable Birthday parties tough?

Finding that cool weather proof party idea, (one that has not been done a million times), a great venue (yep house is too small), something that's not too hard on the already pulled to a max time frame or thin wallet is somewhat of a challenge.

This year the "party mission" grew in difficulty: number one daughter has now reached the grand old age of tweenhood...

Totally unsure in how to proceed, I turned to what I know best and where many of my problems and solutions lie: art.
Success: the Kunstmuseum in Bonn organises a number of different (fantastic) birthday workshops!

Having Max Ernst (1891-1976) turn up (well his legacy) and lend his ever trendy talented approach to surrealism and art was magic.
The girls rolled up their sleeves, got chatting & laughing.
Submerged themselves in a world made their own by the simple use of wire, plaster and creativity.
All went home, a couple of creative hours later, a skip in their step proudly clutching their first wire sculptures.
Memories shaped.

I love art!

Introduction to Max Ernst, his life and work in front of his bronze sculpture "mon ami Pierrot" (1970)

Sleeves rolled up

wire, plaster and extras

Multi varied adorned coloured wire sculptures + couple of painted wood creations


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