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A splash of colour on a special muse

Hurricane sprinkled in colour.
Simply the best way of breathing in beauty, soaking in power,
of falling in love...

The day I went shooting ...

One of the best parts of being an artist (that works from photos) is collecting new reference material.

It's serious business.

One that I have been doing for quite a while...

Still mystified as to why this wee gang firmly believed I needed extra help :)

The day was a success and some cool perspectives and composition ideas are in the making.  Watch this space ...

Early Bird ... drawn

This wee bird is proud (I can totally relate) and relieved (food on the table tonight).

Pride should be (sporadically) experienced, savoured, shown-off.
Pride is a good (in healthy amounts) it is proof of self-respect.
Pride is the main content of this post.

Yep! feeling very pleased with my second bird study.
A few new boxes have been ticked:
Better rendering of the lay of their feathersunderstanding the tilt of the headlearning the insectivore subtleties of their dietcornering their temperament depth(and the best box of all) hesitation dissipated: each stroke knew where to go

Bird study #2 "Early Bird" Pencil on Paper 23x19 cm

P.S: Postponing my artistic discovery of the bird world for a while, new (featherless) commission on the board. Before I start,  great big thank you to Donna Ridgeway for the use of the her fab swallow photographs.

Bird on a wire

I was curious (and still am!)  Curious to see how my brain (and pencils) would deal with drawing something so small, so delicate, so elusive. How it would feel to get lost in feathers as opposed to hair. How it would feel to render something you are only able to touch with your eyes and heart.
The great news is: these amazing sophisticated little creatures have offered to show me a whole new world... and I have agreed ;)

Watch this space!

Bird study #1 Pencil on Paper 19x26 cm

A la Carte NRW, nothing to do with gourmet eating

but all to do with art, pencils and horses. Time and inspiration collided and this black and white image came to life.   Inspiration stuck around until the signature made it onto the paper. I love this drawing. Not sure if it's the subtle twist on a classic portrait (rider tightening girth), the look in his eye or all the unfinished edges.
What do you think?

A la Carte NRW pencil on paper 49x31 cm

Two worlds collide ...

Time and inspiration.
They've collided and are creating a noise vision!
They are making a mess on paper and it's ending-up looking like ... a horse!?

Wee note to all fellow artists, when they (time and inspiration) come calling at the exact same time.
Knock on the creativity door with a synchronised bang!
Peek through the same window holding hands.
Let them in.
Go with it!
They are not playing any kind of joke.
There is no blue moon.
They are, simply (amazingly), in the same room at the same time.
It's an amazing feeling.
A feeling of speed and lightheadedness.
A feeling of good solid fun.

Not finished, but here to prove my thoughts: the first few steps in the still-to-be-titled-big-portrait-of-beautiful-stallion.
More to come :D 'cause I believe miracles can last (well long enough to get this drawing signed!)

In a day

It was time to reassess just what (art-wise) I could achieve in one-ish sitting.
Seriously, each non commissioned drawing takes me between 80-120 hours (maybe more).
Translated: weeks of work.

The one question that I have notwanted been to scared to answer face but wich I have been asking for a while now, has been tackled and ... answered.

Am I able to produce a wee bit quality in one day?
Can I "perform" without all the time and detail and work and rework and endless thought?
Can I get to the important nitty gritty and feel pleased with the result?
Can I quieten the nagging "you -can-you-only-draw-slowly-and un-sponteneously" voice?

Yes, yes, yes and YES!

Here's the proof: Snaffles.
Upping the anti (no comfort zone for me!), I used new paper (Fabriano), a new medium (Nitram Charcoal) and a new time frame (one day i.e: 6 hours drawing time).
Drank two coffees, pumped up the volume and got cracking...

Super chuffed with the result!
Snaffles is a drawing that won…

Grey as in grey stallion

Sometimes (well actually most of the time!) my mind will ponder and "sit-on" an image, a concept for years, waiting until the time is right.
Nothing different with this drawing. I shot the references back in 2011...

After 5 years of pondering, my pencils have been on active duty for the last 2 weeks, working hard to get this big-new-in-between-commissions-drawing of Cornado NRW (super good German Warmblood show-jumping stallion) out of my head, on and off the board and into the world.

The hard work and the strange facial expressions have paid off!

All of us here in the studio are relaxed and grinning with the sweet sense of a job well done.

Think I'll go and start another one ;)

Grey 40x34 cm graphite on paper

Vernissage in Bridgehouse Warendorf

My "Bunte Monochrom" opening last Saturday went really well.
The doors to the beautiful Bridgehouse were opened and the magic began.
Million thank-yous to all for coming and making it such a great success.

Focus was and now isn't on the drawing board!

One thing I knew: it had to be big, bold and dramatic.
The concept and image had been floating banging around in my mind for a couple of years (constantly drawing even without pencils in hand!)

Daring to crop harshly and spend the better part of a month scribbling a high risk composition was, until a few months ago, way too far out of my comfort zone. With age and maturity there seems to be serious rebirth in my "go get ya!" streak. It's rubbed off on my scribble friends and three weeks ago we got to work.

The result:
"Focus", an image full of power, beauty & silky smooth equine brilliance.
Hope you all like it too ;)

"Focus" pencil on paper 39x50 cm Available Sheona Hamilton-Grant © all rights reserved.

Jack Sparrow is a horse

A classic head portrait.
Sound boring?
Yep, but not if you push the contrast, the size and sprinkle it all over with relevant details.
This guy is gorgeous and was dressed up to the nines for our photoshoot.
You can really tell: he looks a million dollars.

"Jack Sparrow" Pencil on Paper 36x40 cm SOLD

2016 thundering in

2016 is going to be another fast mover, I can feel it. 
Strapped in for the ride and grinning in anticipation. Wishing you all the "bestest" of rides and looking forward to seeing you along the way :D