A la Carte NRW, nothing to do with gourmet eating

but all to do with art, pencils and horses.
Time and inspiration collided and this black and white image came to life.  
Inspiration stuck around until the signature made it onto the paper.
I love this drawing.
Not sure if it's the subtle twist on a classic portrait (rider tightening girth), the look in his eye or all the unfinished edges.

What do you think?

A la Carte NRW
pencil on paper
49x31 cm


Jo Castillo said…
Sheona, your drawings are always so alive. I love the expectation in this one. The edges focus me on the face and eyes. Love it!
Thank you so much Jo. I loved this horses expression and knew I had to draw it but it had be with a twist. Super glad you noticed the edges and the focus they bring 'cause it really means: mission accomplished ;)

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