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Before the Invasion

It's going to hit.I know why, I know when and I believe I know how...
My "one man band" is on high alert. When not marching left, right and center, it's organising ETA's and deployment lists. Gathering the mental troops ( involving meditative sounds, long deep breaths and "positive vibe" thinking) highly crucial to the success of the operation.
The total household occupation will triple overnight... Colour scheme is to change enough to seriously contend with the rainbow. Noise levels to increase to a pitch earplugs are being ordered as I type.
It's all great though, invasions of this type are every childs' dream!
There's going to be a party! A big noisy balloon popping finger licking party. Our wee girls is one year older.
Happy birthday darling.

"Blue Balloons" 2011 Sheona Hamilton-Grant. All rights reserved.

Crucial Paper

Beware this post contains only technical (yawn!) content
Graphite art is made up of two very important physical elements: pencilsand paper (unsurprisingly, the most commonly used support for drawing.)One thing you have to remember is the word important... Yes, the quality of the paper is paramount. (Low quality paper will let you down, if not straight from the start, for sure, at some time later down the road...)

Image: arpadstock on deviantART

To make sure you choose the right paper here are the points to look out for.
1. Acide Free. Always choose a paper free of acid.
Papers with high acid content (cheap cartridge or newspaper papers) are made of chemically processed wood pulp which over time degrades and becomes yellow.
Premium art papers are made from cotton pulp. The manufacturers legibly display"Acid free"

2. The Tooth
The other important detail to look out for is the tooth of the paper. Tooth refferes to the surface of the paper. The way the paper feels. The rougher the surfac…

The world has lost a visionary.

We don't get a chance to do many things and every one should be really excellent. Because this is our life.
Steve Jobs 1955 - 2011