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Contracts, Shows: upwards and forwards.

Ever had the feeling that all the twists and turns of life will never straighten; just for a wee while, long enough to be able to stop smell the roses and catch your breath?
Boy is it a test of stamina.

Twists and twirling turns are in abundance down this end. Being in four countries over a period of three days is slowly becoming the norm. Meaning a strange on/off relationship with the cyberwaves and yo-yo working in hours in the studio.

The astounding thing is that there are all sorts of great things still happening. A signed 5 year contract with the NRW landgetsuet, a 3 day solo show and new commissions.

"Fuerst Piccolo"
Pencil on Paper
Sheona Hamilton-Grant. All rights reserved.

There has to be a moral in there somewhere.
To be honest I will postpone trying to find it until the movers and their boxes have been and gone.

Look forward to saying hi again in August, mid August where I will be posting from our new home, from the hills of Bonn.
Until then wishing you all a great …

Powered Together finished.

Deadline reached and my new commission is now ready to be shipped.
Powered Together was commissioned by the NRW Landgestuet for their annual stallion show (Warendorfer Hengstparade) in September.

I'm really chuffed with the way this drawing has come out.

"Powered Together"
Pencil on Paper. 39x30cm
Sheona Hamilton-Grant. All rights reserved 2010

Power, strength, speed, beauty, skill, trust and harmony are present in overdose.
Elements that my pencils adore rendering.
Meeting with my clients in a couple of days. Looking forward to hearing their thoughts.

On the drawing table another beautiful stallion. Will post a few updates soon.

Powered Together slowly coming together...

Another week has been and gone leaving spinning heads and square circles in its wake.

Pencils were, however, exercised and good progress has been made to "Powered Together".
The mid-July deadline is definitely within reach!

Here below, proof of the progress....

Powered Together: Step4

Powered Together: Step5

The dark stallion now has a rider, both horses have the correct number of limbs.
A few pieces of the puzzle are however still missing.
Having a ball drawing this powerful action piece. Loads of fiddly parts that are really helping keeping my mind off the tumult that our "not so long now" move is creating backstage.

Thank goodness summer is in full swing and the sun on top form!

Wishing you all a wonderful warm summer week-end wherever you are.

Move, moving, (nearly) moved ...

The 200 year old house in the south of Belgium is about to be replaced by a 40 year old house in the hills of the former German capital.
We are moving our tri-lingual family and lazy cats to a new country, a new life.

Move, as you can well imagine, is the "in" word, used in all sorts of manners, tried out with different intonations and set in just as many contexts.
As a result, "in" now not only shapes our days, our actions but has also overflowed into my work.

Below the third step in a very spectacular "Pas de Deux"...
Powerful poetry in motion.
"Powered Together"
Work in Progress step 3
Pencil on Paper

Completion is scheduled for mid-july, in the heat of pre move fury, in a haze of action and a cloud of tumult ....
To be continued ....