Move, moving, (nearly) moved ...

The 200 year old house in the south of Belgium is about to be replaced by a 40 year old house in the hills of the former German capital.
We are moving our tri-lingual family and lazy cats to a new country, a new life.

Move, as you can well imagine, is the "in" word, used in all sorts of manners, tried out with different intonations and set in just as many contexts.
As a result, "in" now not only shapes our days, our actions but has also overflowed into my work.

Below the third step in a very spectacular "Pas de Deux"...
Powerful poetry in motion.
"Powered Together"
Work in Progress step 3
Pencil on Paper

Completion is scheduled for mid-july, in the heat of pre move fury, in a haze of action and a cloud of tumult ....
To be continued ....

Comments that's why you've been so quiet...on here that is, there will be plenty of noise moving this that and the other :)) And the power of two is going to be your best yet..if that's possible :)
Tracy Hall said…
Good luck with the move Sheona! Powered Together is looking fantastic already.
Natalia said…
Your work in progress is looking great! Best wishes!
Hello and thank you all. Hoping to keep the slow but steady momentum up over the next ten days. Before the cardboard boxes invade :D

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