Powered Together slowly coming together...

Another week has been and gone leaving spinning heads and square circles in its wake.

Pencils were, however, exercised and good progress has been made to "Powered Together".
The mid-July deadline is definitely within reach!

Here below, proof of the progress....

Powered Together: Step4

Powered Together: Step5

The dark stallion now has a rider, both horses have the correct number of limbs.
A few pieces of the puzzle are however still missing.
Having a ball drawing this powerful action piece. Loads of fiddly parts that are really helping keeping my mind off the tumult that our "not so long now" move is creating backstage.

Thank goodness summer is in full swing and the sun on top form!

Wishing you all a wonderful warm summer week-end wherever you are.


Dors said…
Lovely work Sheona. beautiful tones.

Hope your having a great weekend.
Thank you Dors. Fun to work on so many different tones and grey values.

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