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"Frederic T" new equine dressage drawing

To be honest, I never realised you could drown in pencil shavings and graphite... You can. It's happening at this very moment, here in the studio. Christmas commissions have been "on the go" for the last 6 weeks (most excellent news) and Christmas is roughly another 6 weeks away (not such excellent news). Every minute now crucial to getting the next commissions finished on time.
The result: days in my black and white world are madly fun: studio's buzzing, the artist scribbling, music pumping, Wilbur and Bernadette rocking, coffee brewing, cats if not playing paperweights very busy being feline.
Sadly, due to the world of secrecy surrounding all the commissions coming on and off the drawing board, none can be shown. However, I do have one that I "prepared" last month. Meet Frederic T a gorgeous handsome (now retired)) German Warmblood dressage horse. Frederic is horse with oodles of talent who has given his rider and owner many a happy moment.

Frederic T Pencil on …

Leaving their mark

That strange things can and may occur overnight in the studio, is a fact.
Three days ago my blue tack took on a new shape and went all lost symbol on me.

Giggling, I asked Jess for help.
Lo and behold she pointed me in the right a direction, with a questionning look in her eyes.
In her catty mind the culprits were so very obvious.

Wilbur & Bernadette (the 2 studio rascals)
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Wilbur and Bernadette, bored of not being entertained as much as they are used to, bashfully decided to leave me a special "impossible to ignore" message...

I love subtle hints and really there is only one thing for it: take their hint to heart, pump-up the volume and get back to the scribbling front asap....