Leaving their mark

That strange things can and may occur overnight in the studio, is a fact.
Three days ago my blue tack took on a new shape and went all lost symbol on me.

Giggling, I asked Jess for help.
Lo and behold she pointed me in the right a direction, with a questionning look in her eyes.
In her catty mind the culprits were so very obvious.

Wilbur & Bernadette (the 2 studio rascals)
Discover more about my mad studio assistants here, here and here .

Wilbur and Bernadette, bored of not being entertained as much as they are used to, bashfully decided to leave me a special "impossible to ignore" message...

I love subtle hints and really there is only one thing for it: take their hint to heart, pump-up the volume and get back to the scribbling front asap....


Anonymous said…
sue said…
Glad I'm not the only one who has loopy moments like that :-)
Wendy Mould said…
Sounds like you are avoiding your work right now. They are right, get back to your scribbling.
Wendy, not really guilty of avoiding more being dragged in the opposite direction: school break and way too many interruptions. (Between you and me: looking forward to starting agin on Monday !)

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