Wilbur and the Easter bunnies....

All is well with Wilbur.
Caught him out and about with his new partners in crime. He's seems to have given up rocking to my loud music and opted for gentle outdoor activities...
Stroking chocolate bunnies in the company of a big ginger cat might not be everyone's idea of a wild time, but they all seemed to be getting along spiffingly ! (Dare I tell them the bunnies true destiny?)

Not long now before we can all munch happily and totally guilt free on chocolate eggs, bells and ....bunnies.

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter from this end where the grass is "greening" and nature is successfully shaking off the dregs of winter!


I hope Wilbur isn't having a sneaky nibble at the bunnies. Happy Easter blessings to you and yours :)
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