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Getting all technical

Done it!
Enrolled in Mike Sibley's advanced drawing online course.
I figured that after all these years of self-learning it was time to let someone else deal with my stubborn mind to get to grips with the technical side of drawing that I have quite happily dodged for too long!
One week in and there is nothing more invigorating than being put in the spotlight and up against oneself and the clock.
I'm a slow worker and there is not time for dillydallying. A lot is packed into each week (I swear I've witnessed a wee bit of smoke coming out of the old grey matter!) plus the summer holidays are just round the corner ;)
Speeding up is good.
It has me way more focused and not so hooked-up on the trivial (although still miles away from working loose!)
The result so far are three OK drawings (One that I put off for 15 years!)
The mistakes priceless, welcomed and never to be repeated.
Watch this space more to come.
The course runs 8 weeks!

Exercise in finding the clues to various te…

Going Right...

Going right is what you get when a powerful combination of precision, speed and strength fuse.

This stunning equine athlete had to be drawn, highlighted, brought to paper.
The harmony between horse, jockey and gravity eternalised.
Pencils sculpted and moulded the graphite into shape.
An amazing experience!

Going Right Pencil on Paper 43x56 cm Reference courtesy of Juliette harrison Available

p.s ( a very loud p.s!) Once again a million thank-yous go out to Juliette Harrison for the fabulous reference photograph which is at the source of "Going Right".
Make sure to check out her black and white world. It's beautiful!