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Chocking my right arm...

Un-obliviously (nice new word don't you think?) I choked my right arm.
Let me translate: Blind to the weight and size of my files I fed my computer way too much crash down.
Result: a disaster and a massive wake up call!

All work is now backed-up on DVD's and allowing one of my most important tools to breath again. Big fresh breaths of IT air.

In the chaos and "restructuring" I realised I never showed you a portrait of the late "Bracken".

Bracken was a rescue and a canine that found a 5 star life with a great couple. After a tough start, he discovered what it is to be the beneficiary of a good life, of a life filled with canine luxuries and surrounded by love.

Pencil on Paper 19x21 cm

The day I rode Hurricane

Would you agree that, as an artist, knowing your subject is not only important but crucial?
Which is why I could not believe my luck when the opportunity to not only photograph (once again) but actually ride one of the most charismatic horses I know arose.
I'm a long way off knowing him as well as I could but I can honestly say a giant step closer than I was... the day before I rode Hurricane.

Below the two of us in action - I hadn't been on a horse in nearly 5 years. Amazing (and comforting) to see that all the instincts and feelings were still there and he did not seem put out by my lack of strength and agility. A real gentleman.