The day I rode Hurricane

Would you agree that, as an artist, knowing your subject is not only important but crucial?
Which is why I could not believe my luck when the opportunity to not only photograph (once again) but actually ride one of the most charismatic horses I know arose.
I'm a long way off knowing him as well as I could but I can honestly say a giant step closer than I was... the day before I rode Hurricane.

Below the two of us in action - I hadn't been on a horse in nearly 5 years. Amazing (and comforting) to see that all the instincts and feelings were still there and he did not seem put out by my lack of strength and agility. A real gentleman.


Alex Zonis said…
No saddle! Very impressive! He is certainly very handsome!
Linda Shantz said…
I *love* the top photo, Sheona! Hadn't seen that one! You don't look happy at all haha.... :-)
WOW!! that has to go down as one of your more exciting days :))
That looks like so much fun! What a beautiful horse! I love your work. It's clearly evident that you put great care and thought into every pencil stroke. It's amazing and mesmerizing to look at your drawings.
Jeanette said…
Beautiful photos. You look like you're having a fabulous time. And Hurricane is one magnificent horse. What a size of a neck!
Alex: I know ...he's quite wide. I had a slight "John Wayne" look to my walk the next day ;)
Linda: That day beaming was most definitely my middle name lol!
Elizabeth: one of the most exciting: unforgettably so!
Katherine: Thank you for your kind words. I always try to go by the great piece of advice I was once given: to never forget the beauty of each stroke.
Jeannette: You are so right. He is one magnificent equineL: everything is large including his character and charisma. Super glad that comes over in the pictures.
sue said…
Fabulous photos - fantastic horse.

I haven't ridden for 4 years since retiring my mare (she is now 25) so can imagine just what you mean by the John Wayne walk :o)

Its great to see the 'larger' horses being promoted. My girl is a shire cross thoroughbred - nowhere near as big as Hurricane but still 'chunky' we've had enormous fun over the years and some modest success in dressage and endurance events and she too has the most amazing personality :o)
Sue your mare sounds wonderful. Shire thoroughbred cross...very nice, have you drawn her?
I have a feeling there is an increased interest in the "chunkier" types of equines. Horses like Hurricane help redefine their image.
Dors said…
How Happy do you look .WOW. a beauty sitting on a beauty.

Great photos.
Bless! Thank you :D
RHCarpenter said…
Wonderful photos - you are beaming with joy! He is such a magnificent horse! I envy you - but how did you ride without a saddle or stirrups - because he's so wide you couldn't have fallen off?
sue said…
No funnily I've never wanted to but I have done a couple of pencil sketches though.

I had her portrait painted in 1995 by a professional artist who I saw at Hickstead (Judy Goodman). It was shortly after that I bought my first pastels and the rest, as they say, is history :o)
Arti said…
WOw you look so happy!And thats a magnificent horse--just like the horses you draw-wonderful!

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