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Shooting Star

"Shooting Star" Pencil on Paper 44x29 cm Sheona Hamilton-Grant. All rights reserved

As soon as I saw the reference sent by wonderful photographer and fellow artist Juliet Harrison, all I wanted to do was get tucked into portraying this exquisite running machine.
Focus had to be given to the graceful lines, athletic long neck, beautifully defined shoulders and the ever alert inquisitive eye.  In order to pep-up and add a wee twist to the final composition, interesting elements, such as his elegant pride, apparent coolness in the spotlight, controlled presence when in the thick of things, were had to feature.
I adored drawing this athlete, all the memories of my days "in the business" came flooding back.  They had a strong magnetic pull on my pencils.  
The hours spent on the drawing board one big long refreshing walk down memory lane.

The icing on the cake: both Shooting Star and Up & Running are on their way to Australia as I type.  Both are finalists in this years Ingli…

Discreetly side-stepping the routine

Mea culpa.
Played rookie, set pencils aside and took a break from the "old routine".
For a whole four days I "forgot" about my computer, took pity on my over-worked scribble friends and silently shut the studio door.  Looming dead-lines, work needed "yesterday" and a million and one other events (including under 11 pool parties,pyjama parties, cycling tests, end-of year school events, sport events...), all pushed me to tip toe out the door and into an internet free world.  To try and find a way of re-charging.  To step back, stop, breath and take charge. To blow way the mess in my head and re-align my thoughts.

I'm nearly there ...
I think.