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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Discreetly side-stepping the routine

Mea culpa.
Played rookie, set pencils aside and took a break from the "old routine".
For a whole four days I "forgot" about my computer, took pity on my over-worked scribble friends and silently shut the studio door. 
Looming dead-lines, work needed "yesterday" and a million and one other events (including under 11 pool parties,pyjama parties, cycling tests, end-of year school events, sport events...), all pushed me to tip toe out the door and into an internet free world. 
To try and find a way of re-charging. 
To step back, stop, breath and take charge.
To blow way the mess in my head and re-align my thoughts.

I'm nearly there ...
I think.

1 comment:

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

I so know that feeling.....apart from the under eleven parties