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Nifty news

During the whole of March, I will be the Equis Art Gallery's featured

The only gallery of it’s kind  and Gem of the mid-Hudson Valley – the EQUIS ART GALLERY – is a purveyor of sophisticated artwork work where a white horse is not just white, a black horse is not just black and a beautiful horse is not just pretty!
So very humbling and exciting .

Getting ready for the occasion and off to join in in the festivities are two more drawings:

Going Right and Racing Ready

Racing Ready pencil on paper 37 x 41 cm reference: Linda Shantz

Going Right pencil on paper 43 x 56 cm reference: Juliet Harrison

Will & Niki

Mention "big black fluffy Newfoundlands" you can be sure you are referring to cuteness overload :D
This, a big mixed media (graphite and charcoal) drawing of mother and son Newfoundland pooches, was created in stages. 
The most important stage: deciphering shapes through bundles of deep black fur.  Once the noses, ears and eyes were pin pointed and sketched in: the real scribbling began.  

The final stage involved a layer of Nitram charcoal to create more oomph and depth.

William & Nikita graphite/charcoal on paper 41x50cm SOLD

Loved discovering and developing a new approach to my work and the best... the unequaled feeling of success!
Next up on the board: equine with a somewhat shorter coat ;)