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All ears

Here is the first in the series (hopefully ) of new canine portraits.

I became a member of the CAG a while back and it is has been the right move to get motivated and inspired to start up my canine work.

This little dog is Jack Russel know by the name of Cleo. I took the photos back in 2001 while in Washington DC on a "commission trip". She was so small but had a definately an xl character. The big ears and the oversize collar just had to bee drawn.

I'm pleased enough with the result-the paper was a serious nightmare...watercolour Ingres paper so rough and fluffy.... bit the bullet and carried on....never again! All down to experience. the next can only be better and I reckon I've learned quite a bit through this one.

Another day in Feb

School half-term, busy being a full time mum (enjoying it greatly!) but wondering how to find the energy to get up to the drawing board to keep up to speed with my work. Somehow I have the feeling that I never got back into gear after the xmas break....!
Not to worry, battle on and rejoice.
Drawing a great looking German warmblood at the moment. Nice horse, difficult composition (had to adjust the neck...hope it works!) Decided to keep record of my progress. Will be posting shortly on the outcome.
Off to the drawing board... Cheers for the now

February little update

Few new orders come in which is great.
Finished my most complexe drawing yet. Gentle Giants. Really enjoyed drawing it. Just love the subjects.
Not sure what to make of the end result.
Thought about composition, background and foreground.
Kept detail very present and drew a big size. New paper. Battled the whole way through. The graphite just did not seem to take the way I am used to and feel therefore that I have not been able to get the effect and feel that I want. Will post it on the EAG forum and see what the feed back is there.
One thing for sure, this piece of work certainly tought me a great deal. One step further in the right direction.
Back to the drawing board. German warmblood waiting.