Contracts, Shows: upwards and forwards.

Ever had the feeling that all the twists and turns of life will never straighten; just for a wee while, long enough to be able to stop smell the roses and catch your breath?
Boy is it a test of stamina.

Twists and twirling turns are in abundance down this end. Being in four countries over a period of three days is slowly becoming the norm. Meaning a strange on/off relationship with the cyberwaves and yo-yo working in hours in the studio.

The astounding thing is that there are all sorts of great things still happening. A signed 5 year contract with the NRW landgetsuet, a 3 day solo show and new commissions.

"Fuerst Piccolo"
Pencil on Paper
Sheona Hamilton-Grant. All rights reserved.

There has to be a moral in there somewhere.
To be honest I will postpone trying to find it until the movers and their boxes have been and gone.

Look forward to saying hi again in August, mid August where I will be posting from our new home, from the hills of Bonn.
Until then wishing you all a great few weeks of creating and loads of summer fun.


Jeanette said…
What an exciting time for you, it sounds wonderful but very busy too. Goodluck with the move to Bonn, I'm sure all will go smoothly.
Jeanette thank you! It's busy, exciting and daunting time. Look forward to having it behind me I must admit.
Kristy said…
Congrats on all the great things happening at the moment. It is certainly well deserved you are a fantastic artist! Good luck with the move, hopefully it is not to painful. :)
Thank you Kristy! A few tears will be (and have been) shed despite the excitement.
Dors said…
Congratulations Sheona on all the super happenings in your art life right now.
Busy Yes but so exciting.
I am also in the process of moving into our new home. I know what it's like. I wish you all the best in your new home and art adventures.

Cheers... I know you will be having that Shiraz ... keep you going.
Jo Castillo said…
Hope the move goes super smoothly. I am anxiously awaiting your return.

Your work is so wonderful. You are an inspiration to me. Thanks for sharing.
Dors raising my glass to your new home adventure. Hope it goes smoothly as possible. Best :D

Jo: thank you so much for your kind words, it is with great pleasure that I share my art world. Looking forward to sharing more from our new location
Hope the move isn't too traumatic. Looking forward to your posts from your new home :))
Wendy Mould said…
Sounds like life is getting very exciting right now. Enjoy the ride and good luck with the move. I look forward to your new pictures once things settle down again.

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