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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Two worlds collide ...

Time and inspiration.
They've collided and are creating a noise vision!
They are making a mess on paper and it's ending-up looking like ... a horse!?

Wee note to all fellow artists, when they (time and inspiration) come calling at the exact same time.
Knock on the creativity door with a synchronised bang!
Peek through the same window holding hands.
Let them in.
Go with it!
They are not playing any kind of joke.
There is no blue moon.
They are, simply (amazingly), in the same room at the same time.
It's an amazing feeling.
A feeling of speed and lightheadedness.
A feeling of good solid fun.

Not finished, but here to prove my thoughts: the first few steps in the still-to-be-titled-big-portrait-of-beautiful-stallion.
More to come :D 'cause I believe miracles can last (well long enough to get this drawing signed!)



Sue Clinker said...

Oh Wow, love the way this is developing. suex

sheona hamilton-grant said...

Thank you Sue. Hope to post an update very soon ;)

Lene Daugaard said...

As always - your drawings are awesome :)

sheona hamilton-grant said...

Thank you Lene ;) Loving this collision moment: savouring every stroke!