I've pARTy-ed, well my pencils have!

We've had a pARTy!
Meaning a wee bunch of us (artists) have used one reference pic to create a piece of work.
Hugo's photo was the centre of attention and supplied to us by friend and artist Linda Shantz.
Linda runs a small maternity ward thouroughbred farm in Canada and Hugo is one of the newborns skipping around the yard.

The pARTy rules were very simple. Create a piece of work using the reference within 24 hours.
My (homemade) rules a little tougher; create a drawing in under 4 hours, keep loose (cross hatching), keep detail  normal, no tweaking, sign, spray. The difficulty being in the time and the lack of tweaking I allowed myself.

Klein Hugo is the result.
Not only did I want to highlight his cuteness but also underline delicacy by grounding him with strong edgy shadows. These babies are all legs and I loved the way the shadows extended them even more.

Good friend and fellow artist (the other force behind this pARTy) Kim Santini has the full Hugo pARTy art collection on her blog  "Painting a Dog a Day".
The different styles result and stories each one of us has come up with is fascinating.
Variation on a theme in all its' beauty.

"Klein Hugo"
Pencil on Paper
20x22 cm
260 Euros
Sheona Hamilton-Grant. All rights reserved.


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