Johnny Jo- Sketched by Monica Dahl

Journal Entry 2010
Monica Dahl.
All rights reserved

Alive Johnny had this ability of enchanting people with his magic tail-wagging "smile", little did I know he could do it after his death.

A short time after "Johnny Jo" died, one of my readers (fellow artist Monica Dahl) contacted me asking for permission to use a " JJ photograph" as a reference.

Johnny Jo
Journal entry close-up.
Pencil on Paper
Monica Dahl. All rights reserved

The result is a wonderful sketch capturing his whole Johnny-ness; his big-hair - big eyes - big heart.

The result a beautiful timeless entry into Monica's very personal and precious traveling sketchbook.

The result a tear in my eye and a smile on my lips.

Here is one more example of Monica's delicate and beautiful pencil work.

pencil on paper.
Monica Dahl.2011
All rights reserved.


I fitting tribute to a happy chappie :)
Elizabeth I so agree. Monica captured him wonderfully, super nice to see how he's living on!

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