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Monday, 16 May 2011

Still in progress: Cavalier King Charles Puppy drawing.

I've buckled down, sharpened the pencils and focused my attention back on this wee chaps big puppy eyes.
Approximately half way through, still a load of tweaking needed to be done on the pups face and body but first I want to get the surrounding elements finished. The radiating lines in the jumper play an important part in the movement of the piece and they have to become more fluid and believable (they are looking so clumsy and clumpy!).
Up-date will follow this week, until then here's a view of the current state of affairs!

Work in Progress. Pencil on Paper.
Sheona Hamilton-Grant. All rights reserved.


Elizabeth McCrindle said...

I'm in total awe....not often stuck for words but I am :)

Maria's Watercolor said...

Wow, though it was the photo on the preview! Just beautiful.

hbedrosian said...

So incredibly realistic, and very touching!

Sheona Hamilton Grant said...

Thank you all :D great to hear that the clumpy clumsy lines have not caught your eye too much!
Work continues with lots of loud music for company!

AMBre said...

Coucou, Sheona !
Je suis tout simplement et grandement ADMIRATIVE !
Tes travaux sont d'une précision implacable.

Sheona Hamilton Grant said...

AMBre, helli hallo et un tout grand merci. Ce fut une joie de dessiner ce "p'tit gas" et de découvrir tous les détails qui l'entoure.